Welcome To Goddess Moon Temple

Thank you for choosing to collaborate with us and being a part of our offerings.

Goddess Moon Temple is looking for collaborators who are…
🌑For New Moons
✨Healers, Massage Therapists, Sound Healers, Jewelry Designers, Self Care/Moon Rituals, Mindset/therapeutic practices, Body mind Exercises, Beauty rituals and practices

🌕For Full Moons
✨Dancers, Singers, 
Creatives, Painters

Here are the upcoming moon events you can choose in your form:

🔮Sat Aug 12th, 6pm - New Moon in Leo
🔮Sat Sept 16th, 6pm - New Moon in Virgo
🔮Sat Oct 14th, 6pm - New Moon in Libra
🔮Sat Nov 11th, 6pm - New Moon in Scorpio
🔮Sat Dec 9th, 6pm - New Moon in Sagittarius

🔮Fri July 28th, 7pm - Full Moon in Aquarius, Pole Dance Experience + Showcase
🔮Sat Aug 16th, 6pm - Full Moon in Pisces
🔮Sat Oct 28th, 6pm - Full Moon in Taurus
🔮Sat Nov 25th, 6pm - Full Moon in Gemini

Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with next steps.

As a Goddess Moon Temple collaborator, you get to come to the moon ceremony event for free, network with other women in business, and be exposed to an audience. We are looking for a practice, exercise, performance or service specifically. We ask our collaborators to not promote themselves at the event, however, we give them a moment after their share to offer a link or flyer during the event.

Once you have filled out the form below, please send at least 2 photos of yourself and your offering to: [email protected]

Goddess Moon Temple will create promotion photos for you to share with the photos you provide. 

**Note for collaborator: You are asked to post 3-5 times a week (Instagram + Facebook post/story, ect...) leading up to the event. This includes the morning before and morning of event. As well, you are asked to invite 10 people to the event.**

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