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Goddess Moon Temple is an online and offline community and sacred space to reconnect to your divine feminine and embody your higher purpose through spiritual and creative practices, ritual, movement, mentorship and more. 

Learn to work with the cycles of the moon, bring spiritual knowledge, ritual and intuitive practices into your daily life, and the practical tools and steps to help you reach your creative and entrepreneurial goals, so that you can stay in alignment with your higher purpose and embody the life of abundance you desire doing what you love and offering your gifts to the world.

A Soul Purpose Discovery is a complimentary 30 min space in time to shift your relationship to what actually is, so that you can understand how to get to what you desire

In this conversation we explore the different perspectives and mindsets you might be experiencing that are keeping you stuck, and how to create a breakthrough in order to move in the direction of your vision. 

You walk away with practical steps, a shift in perspective, and the support that comes from being witnessed, so that you can feel more worthy of your vision, and so that it feels more accessible to you. We get to also explore how I can continue supporting you on this journey through my various offerings at Goddess Moon Temple.

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Learn the 6 Steps to Feminine
Awakening Within

With these 6 steps you will:

✨Learn the qualities and traits of your feminine within 

✨Embody your self worth with the first step 

✨Connect more deeply to your intuitive self

✨Build new habits for sacred space and ritual

✨Gain more clarity on your vision 

✨Live a more aligned life in the direction of your vision

✨Tap into your creative energy

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My name is Vaidehi. I founded Goddess Moon Temple at first, as a sacred space for me to be able to connect with self, intuition, purpose, and community. As a result, what began as new moon and full moon circles has now become a coaching business where I can help creatives, artists, healers and intuitives turn their inherent divine given gifts into a profitable business, like I have done for myself. 

I started bringing Tarot cards into my practice at a very early age, but began working with Tarot cards publicly when I first began my circles, as a way to focus and set intention. Over the years, I have been offering Tarot readings at festivals, events, and through my coaching programs, and in the process of building this landing page and offer for you, I have realized how much this special practice of working with tarot has helped me on my own path. 

You see, I have always been intuitive since I was a child. It began with visions of my own future when I was 4 years old, to vivid dreams of the past present or future in elementary school, to gut or instinctual feelings as a teenager, that I simply observed but didn’t really share with people outside of my spiritual community. 

So growing up I have been aware of this intuitive sense and connection to the past, present and future and everything around me, without necessarily knowing what to do with it. So much so, that the people I grew up with were very well aware of these intuitive gifts, and oftentimes, supportive of them. It took me some time to own them and become comfortable with them, and Tarot became a great practice and tool that I learned to use to focus and hone these gifts.

I was gifted my first Tarot deck when I was 16 years old, by one of the women I grew up with in my spiritual community; The Michael Tierra Herbal Tarot deck. This gift changed my life! I immediately began offering readings and learning about the healing powers of nature and herbs.

Not only have I learned about affirmations and the study of herbs through my herbal Tarot deck, which is what I use for my readings at Goddess Moon Temple, but the practice has helped me connect to my own intuitive gifts and my relationship to nature. It has helped me to embrace, accept, and channel my intuitive gifts and has opened me up to a whole new level of embodiment and empowerment. 

You see, we all have doubts, we all face challenges, and often feel like we are stuck or at a crossroad. And sometimes, getting the opinions of our friends and family, who might hold a biased perspective, might not be the best way to work things out. 

Tarot has become that sacred intimate space where I can gain clarity, turn to my guardians, my own intuition, and find the revelations and answers from within. As an intuitive medium, I get to share that space with you and support you in gaining that clarity for yourself.

It’s been a pleasure to offer tarot readings within my own business, because this is a practical tool for accessing my intuitive gifts in a way that can help others, like you! 

Goddess Moon Temple Community

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Our goddess moon temple community exists both in the online and offline space as a sacred container to help women all over the world tap into their creativity, reconnect with their divine feminine, and embody the life and vision of abundance they truly desire. 

Through creative, spiritual, and ritual

Practices, and through our mentorship and coaching containers, we offer the tools, steps, and mindset support to help entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, healers and more, reach for their greater purpose and embody their vision through the work they do in this world.

Whether it’s creating your online business, connecting with other women in community, Or just stepping into the sacred practices and ritual, this is a place to recreate again and again, that version of yourself that will only continue to evolve towards your divine purpose for that embodied lifestyle alignment.

What Clients Are Saying...

Lori Hansen

"Coaching with Vaidehi for me has been about developing clarity around the bigger picture of my life vision, improving confidence and belief in myself, and taking small steps along the journey toward the bigger picture. Vaidehi helps clients break down big goals / dreams / intentions into tangible pieces and steps, to help clients work toward their intentions in a sustainable fashion."


"From the moment I met Vaidehi, I knew I had something to learn from her about the intersection of femininity and spirituality. I have been engaged in self-improvement work for quite some time and have been recently drawn to moon wisdom and astrology."

Susan Webb

"From the first moment I spoke to Vaidehi I felt an instant connection and energetic shift within my body. Vaidehi has a powerful ability to hold space for just as you without trying to change you. She has a deep understanding of spiritual and energetic principles and is able to translate them into practical easy tools that have allowed my authentic self and voice to emerge. This course has helped me cultivate and create changes in my life that I know will last a lifetime."

Work With Me

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Hire Goddess Moon Temple for your special moments. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, a Bachelorette, a special romantic evening for you and your loved one, or just want to set intentions, we’re here for you. We offer a variety of services from ceremonies, to moon circles, dance classes, workshops, and more! 

You can even hire goddess moon temple performers for your event. Whether it’s the eccletinc mantra bass music of Vaidehi Amair or her ritual and pole dance group, we’re here for you. Check out the details below for more information:

Birthday ceremonies
Cacao ceremonies
Intentional ceremonies and events
Full and new moon ceremonies 
Bachelorette parties at our local studio in Santa Cruz or hire us to come to your house with one portable pole 
Pole dancers for your events
Mantra bass Musical performances 
Ritual dance experiences 

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